Verrill Farm Strawberry Dessert Fest

We like to feed our passion with strawberry desserts!

Our friends at Verrill Farm sure know how to grow delicious strawberries! Their Annual Strawberry Festival, which was on June 25, featured Verrill Farm strawberry shortcake, pick-your-own strawberries, and–our favorite–the Strawberry Dessert Recipe Contest.

Our happy judges, hard at work.

The contest, which is judged by Culinary Guild members, is one of the highlights of the growing season and a celebration of the delicious crop that Verrill Farm brings to us each year. This year we had three winners and we’d like to share their recipes with you.

With so many delicious desserts, it was hard to pick winners.

Baked_1st_Place Our 1st place winner for Baked Dessert was Goat in the Strawberry Patch Cheesecake by Debra Bennett

Unbake_1st_Place Our 1st place winner for Un-Baked Dessert was Stuffed Chocolate Dipped Strawberries by Rose Denning

Kids_1st_Place Our Kids 1st place winner were Gabriel and Aden Chalick for Scrumptious Strawberry Chocolate Cake (Dairy-Free)

The proud winners and their scrumptious dessert!


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