2010/2011 Letter from the President

This year marks the Guild’s 31st anniversary. As I reflect on how much the guild has progressed since its inception I get goose bumps. It’s really astounding that women were almost non existent in commercial kitchens thirty one years ago. Today thousands of restaurants worldwide and even the white house all have a women chef at the helm!  As the perception of women in the kitchen has evolved so has the Guild. This year we have undergone many changes, most noticeably a new website. We have two new board members, Anne Zarrella and Guy Crosby, who bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, we have initiated a 5 O’clock Club and Lunch Club to our program list, hired Marlo Fogelman of marlo marketing to help us spread the word, added additional member benefits.

This year, to commemorate our rich history, we are planning a wonderful series of events.  We will hold our annual opening meeting on October 4th. Kathy Gunst, resident chef of NPR’s Here and Now program and co author of six cookbooks with Stonewall Kitchen will be our speaker. On October 7th we host our first 5 O’clock Club at Harpoon Brewery. On November 8th we are honored to host renowned Chef Joanne Chang at the BCAE center, for holiday baking. On December 6th we will usher in the holidays with annual Cookie Swap.  In the New Year, we will host a talk and dinner about sustainable fish with Legal Seafoods, a demo with Boston’s own Gordon Hamersley at Verrill Farm, a tour of America’s Test Kitchen, a member mart, an overnight culinary trip to Manchester, VT and a macaroni & cheese recipe contest in VIP judges.

I am thrilled to announce an updated directory has been printed and will be mailed to all members. The membership directory can also be found on-line in the password protected members only section on the website. As the Guild continues to go “green” we will update the on-line membership directory in lieu of printing new directories each year. I hope you will use our new website as your reference for events, contacts and member information.  Also there are links to Facebook and Twitter so you can stay virtually connected with the Guild.

It has been an honor to serve as your president this past year. I look forward to the year ahead. I hope to see both familiar and new faces, at the events and programs this year!!!

Carrie Richards

President, Culinary Guild of New England

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